Leo is a veterinary technical assistant. This allowed him to work in a veterinary clinic for some years. Therefore, he has had lots of friends from all species, dogs, cats, ferrets, mice, turtles, and even iguanas and snakes. Later, he also graduated as a veterinary clinic assistant, which opened the doors of the operating rooms and the necessary knowledge for certain therapies.

However, despite having the real ability to diagnose a large amount of pathologies, with the law in hand is not empowered to issue any type of diagnosis. So the work that he actually does in the field of health is to recommend the type of therapy most appropriate to each situation, and if it turns out to be too complicated, then it will recommend the veterinarian most appropriate to each type of pathology. Or, on the other hand, and in an unofficial way just as a friend who is everyone who treats him, Leo is also able to advise, not prescribe, some pills or other treatments. It is his experience that has led him not to require more help, and to be able to offer you these friend's advice, which you may then verify by attending the veterinarian effectively.